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About Us

The House of Teas is a franchise of Goodricke’s garden fresh teas in Darjeeling. It is managed by Puri & Co House of Tea which was established in 1945... Read More..

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What people Say

Green Tea at it's best
This green tea, it's great stuff. I think she has found that she is now "calmer" with respect to life's unexpected happenings.
Sajid Noorani
Abundance of antoxidants
Teas are a great source of antoxidants that help in increasing the immune system and great for blood pressure, tooth decay and cancer detractors
Chetan Maisuria
Thurbo First flush is a wonderful tea
Taken with just hot water and tea leaves. It gives you complete alertness of the mind . Its should be consumed with No milk,No sugar because milk and sugar destroy the purity of tea.
Sameer Pande

The House of Tea